The team at Bridg invited me to their LA offices last month to talk about restaurant apps. We spent an hour talking about how to plan the best user experience, ways to entice customers to download and use the app, how to assess performance, and opportunities to leverage disparate data sources to improve the app experience.

Somehow, they managed to squish the discussion down to a two minute video – check it out.

How can we drive downloads with the app & encourage customer usage?

“The first thing to really ask yourself is whether or not you’ve really thought through the occasions or use-cases for your app. From the customer’s perspective, why do they need this? And is the experience you’re going to offer worth the space on their phone? Your brand website should absolutely be driving brand-awareness and acquisition into the app. Especially the mobile version of your website, which could have pop-ups and CTAs to drive straight to the App Store and Play Store.”

What metrics help determine if customers are having a “good” or “bad” experience with the app?

“Right off the bat, looking at the analytics in your app will tell you if there are lots of bugs or crashes. Those should be addressed immediately. If your app has any tools built into it to solicit feedback, leverage those tools! Customers may be leaving feedback on their own, such as the reviews in the App Store or Play Store, or even within your social channels. Looking at retention information and seeing where people are dropping off will also help to identify potentially trouble spots or where customers might be having a bad experience.”

How can we keep customers engaged with the app?

“Things that you can do to help are making sure you have a really compelling welcome experience and on-boarding content. Having an email web-series that lasts for the first few days or few weeks of app usage can really help people get accustomed to the app, make them feel comfortable, and help them understand the ways that they can get the most out of the app. You might actually want to start tweaking and targeting some of your other channel messaging, including social media to pull customers back into the app and keep them engaged.”

How can we blend mobile-app data with other customer data-sources?

“Using other data-sources and data-points can help you actually personalize the in-app experience for your customers. Bring in things like their last transaction, their favorite purchased items, their name, their loyalty status.You can actually use the data you’re getting from other channels and other touch-points to help drive people back into the app and drive monetization and engagement.”