Apple made a bunch of big announcements yesterday, including new hardware, enhancements to the iPad experience, iOS 11 features, and more. As an mobile marketer and app developer, I paid extra attention to the things that could impact my work. Here’s what I’m most intrigued by:

All-New App Store 

New App Store experience announced in September 2017
The redesigned App Store experience

App marketing is hard. As more an more apps are developed, it can be difficult to break through and reach potential customers. Things like App Store ads are helpful, but Apple clearly believed that it was time to rethink the entire experience. They’ve redesigned the whole darn thing, with discoverability and ease of use as their main goal. Introducing stories, news, and recommendations, the new App Store feels like an editorial media platform. Plus, the introduction of app tips and daily downloads opens up some interesting promotional opportunities for app developers and marketers.


Notifications become easier to see on iOS 11


iPhone users will now be able to see all their notifications on the lock screen – including missed ones. Marketers, this does not give you permission to go crazy with pushes! The old rules still apply: the notification must be relevant, personal, and timely. Happily, now you will likely see an increase in engagement.


Apple Maps show the inside of malls and airports
See inside malls and airports with Maps

Indoor Maps

Finally! Now Maps users can see detailed layouts and store listings of shopping malls and airports. While not technically a marketing tactic, it helps with discovery and will be a boon to multi-location brands.

Developer Tools for AR and ML

Released as part of the iOS 11 SDK, ARKit and Core ML let developers bring augmented reality and machine learning into apps. Very cool.


Apple announced many more updates. Watch the full event here.